Solar Canopies



Solar Canopies Will Help You Reduce Your Facility's Electric Bill And Provide Covered Parking Areas.
Solar Canopies are perfect for recharging Plug In Hybrid and full Electric Vehicles.


Solar canopies are a perfect way to capture the Sun's energy for reducing your facility's electric energy usage while keeping your employee's or your customer's cars protected from the Sun's blaring heat. With the latest advancements in solar technology it is actually possible dramatically reduce or even eliminate your electric bill.


And with all of the financial incentives that are being offered by the government, now is absolutely the perfect time to invest into a solar canopies. Depending on the state that you're located in you'll be able to take advantage of cash rebates, grants, Renewable Energy Credits, accelerated depreciation and even the new Federal 30% tax credit.


With a solar canopy system from Solar Canopies there are  no roof penetrations, no roof orientation issues and no roof load bearing issues. And your solar canopy system creates a highly visible means of demonstrating to your customers and the general public your concern for the environment.

The true cost of producing electricity from dirty sources of energy such as coal is measured not only in dollars and cents but also in the negative health impacts that it has had on the lives of millions of Americans. Solar power offers a perfect way of producing the reliable power that we need without harming us or the environment.

A Solar Charged Plug In Hybrid

Every car manufacturer has announced plans to release both plug in hybrids and pure electric vehicles, some as early as late 2010. Our InChargeā„¢ and TakeChargeā„¢ brands of professionally engineered canopy based solar plug in charging stations offer high performance and incredible value.